What’s Doodad do that can help you?


We understand simplicity and practicality are decisive attributes that make a product or service beneficial. We have helped many people improve their businesses and personal lives by acquainting them with sensible, worthwhile technologies.

What problematic issues would you like to turn into benefits?…
. . . There is a device for that! ¬†ūüôā

We platform current, sensible technologies that enhance everyday life in a straight forward, easy to understand way. Solving problems and optimizing time is our specialty.

With over 20 years in the tech industry, our wide field covers everything from agricultural technology to modern transportation.  We broach valuable products and services in business applications, mobile electronics, music and video, various gizmos, gadgets, devices, software and so much more.

This blog is the first step in building a unique platform for tech products and services. ¬†Of course you can create a blog about anything. ¬†Along this journey, I will continue to help you build your business and help you get what you want out of life using Today’s Technology.

Each of our lives are the irrefutable proof of our own directed efforts. ¬†Money is a byproduct that comes from what we do, so money can not be the focus. “What you do” is the focus! If you focus on money, you will never achieve anything. ¬†Your energy, focus, drive and very desire has to be for what you do.

Choose a passion and be passionately purposeful about it!


Wisdom comes from the depths of absolute resolution. By absolute resolution I mean complete unwavering dedication & determination. Focus.

Success will come naturally from purposefully¬†doing what you do.¬†If you don’t know or can’t decide what you should do, I have a way to help¬†in just a few simple steps.

(Write your answers down as you go.)

#1. Know that you are original. You have lived a life no one else has and no one else knows. You have special experiences and knowledge that need to be shared. Now, imagine you have a publishing deal for 3 books. As quickly as possible.. what are the 3 book topics?

(Write Them Down.. then continue.)

#2. Choose the 1 topic that the other 2 can be chapters inside of.

(Circle 1 of the 3 you jotted down.. then continue)

#3. Who do you think is the core audience? What is the target age & demographics of the readers? Who is the book written to?

(Write down specifics such as: ages, gender, race, religion, etc)

And there you have it! Your passion, your purpose, and your clientele.

(Take a minute to think about this.. look over your list.. ponder it.)

Now are you scared? Do you have self doubts? Are You Wavering?

Realize that as you stomp out your own fearful, negative thinking, you will naturally step forward into your own personal passion with purpose and focus.

Your future is proof of today’s efforts.

We have started this blog using a free account on WordPress.com.  Wordpress is the industry standard and has many great features.  A blog is a way to voice your passion and begin your efforts.  The following a video on how to get one started.

We would love to hear from you along our journey. Let us know what you are learning, what is helping and about your wins.


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We wish you a productive life. We look forward to having fun with you!

Today’s Technology
with Doodad Grax

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