Lightning! A Big Thing!


You know that the iPhone 7 is coming out with no headphone port. Do you think it is no big deal? This is huge. The 3.5mm headphone port is technology from the 19th Century. Many are complaining that they don’t want this to go away… LOL! That’s just funny.

Cirrus Logic created a developer’s kit (MFi Headset Development Kit) and has it available for other manufacturer’s to quickly develop new Lightning®-based digital headsets.

Every headphone manufacturer that has any place in the future is now working on getting the Lightning® technology working for them and you can be certain that every other smartphone manufacturer in the market has their R&D department grinding to coming up with some type of alternative way to fill their holes.

Apple has changed the game.. again, this time with Cirrus Logic.

Apple is a huge company that makes  world altering products.  As I researched this topic about Lightning, I found most of the blogs were saying it was no big deal and brushing it off.  I thought differently on the matter.  The old technology jack for plugging in a headset is really old.  Replacing it makes sense, so I thought it was fitting.  We should all aspire not necessarily to reinvent the wheel, but to continually upgrade the tires.


headphones antique

Cirrus Logic, Inc.  NASDAQ: CRUS

Apple Inc.  NASDAQ: AAPL


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