Indoor Farms on the Rise


The world will not go hungry. There will not be a future food shortage that turns the world into something from the Book of Eli (movie 2010), so you can stop overfeeding the cat. The future of farming is already here. Organizations like AeroFarms are building vertical farms inside buildings.  AeroFarms uses a root misting system that uses 95% less water than a regular field farm and gives a 75% greater production yield. They also use reusable cloth made from recycled plastic instead of soil, and a controlled LED lightning system instead of sunlight.  These climate controlled systems allow crops to grow year round with no pesticides or herbicides.  Massive indoor vertical farms are and will continue to pop up all over the world.

Many people’s lives are influenced by negative media. The people that produce negative media make money from it. What you pay attention to makes other people money. We can end up disheartened or even paralyzed by the thought of ‘impending doom’.  The reality is, your perception is your reality. Look for the good and you will find enthusiasm to strive with meaning and purpose.

Have an amazing day



When this industry is up to full speed you will see the amazon-style automated warehouse robots running down the isles picking food and processing!

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