Malignity for Microsoft


Hating the massive corporation is more than a hobby, for many it’s a full time job.  Microsoft has been freely giving away Windows 10 upgrade for quite some time.  The free upgrade is available until July 29, 2016. Word is now that Microsoft Store is offering a Free Laptop or $150 towards a new computer, if they can’t upgrade your PC to Windows 10 (until July 29th, with some limitations). Read the comments on the blogs posting about this and you will see the hate Microsoft endures.

So many people trash talk and verbally poop all over Microsoft for anything and everything. The truth is Windows 10 is the best operating system Microsoft or any other manufacturer has ever created for the PC.  The haters hate on no matter what Microsoft does. They either secretly use Microsoft OS or they use some sub-par operating system. They slander, complain and pray for the end of Microsoft while Microsoft gives away the proverbial kitchen sink.

Apple doesn’t pay attention to the “tech geek hate”, instead Apple pays attention to making valuable products and making money.  Microsoft should steal that page from Apple.

For now, I just want to say to Microsoft, “Thank you! I appreciate the free Windows 10!, it Rocks!”


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