Didn’t the Dot Com bubble burst?



Maybe it is like playing the lottery but people still search for domain names they can snatch up cheap and park till they get a premium price.  The purchased names are often parked on link / advertisement pages to generate revenue while they wait for a buyer.  If you have thought of a name for a future venture you can see if it is available and secure the domain by registering it.

Chances are, if the Clinton Campaign hasn’t bought the ClintonKaine.com domain name from him by now, they aren’t going to. Jeremy P. Green, is the 28-year-old who bought the domain name and is now trying to sell it. Acquiring ninety thousand dollars for the domain name is unlikely. At this point the domain name seems to only decrease in value each day. Short and spot on .com domain names used to hold great value, even with the all the other domain suffixes (.tv, .net. org, etc..) but not so much today.

A few domain names I used to own (I released them back to the wild after no longer needing them) are currently being offered for sale at $500 to $2000 each.  I don’t know if anyone will ever buy them from the new owner or if the new owner hopes I will want them back and I’ll be forced to pay the hostage fee.  I can’t see it ever being worth it.

Today most people use Facebook and other social media applications to connect. A private website is just that, private. Unless you advertise the domain name, and get it optimized for search engines, most people will never know it exists. In the past people wanted short easy to remember domain names they could advertise so the audience would remember it. Thanks to Google, Bing and other search engines, the days of domain name delirium are over.  The name is just a number, quality content is king. Stay Brilliant!



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