Off the Grid Communication


Going on vacation is risky business.  Unplugging and being completely unavailable are not the same thing.  For many of us our business is our livelihood.  There is now a way to use your smartphone where there is no cell or wifi coverage. GoTenna turns your IOS or Android phone into an off-grid communication device. It simply pairs with your phone via Bluetooth and allows you to communicate (send texts and GPS locations) with any other goTenna user in range (several miles).  Ugh! Yep, can only connect with other goTenna users.  Concept is cool, but is it sensible? Nope. For a quarter of the cost you can get a pair of Motorola MH230R which give you a 23 mile range. It is sensible to make sure you can communicate when you are going off the grid.  So do that.  Or even better, vacation where there is wifi. 🙂


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