The Modern American Dream


You can get rich by thinking of the next best thing, right?  Imagine a gadget.. too late, someone else already invented it. To make money it takes money, right?  Not really. Each one of us is original, so each one of us has original ideas and thoughts. You talk, people watch, you get paid.  YouTuber’s are making fortunes by monetizing their videos. Those little ads you X out, make big money.

The opportunity is there to make money. If you have the focus and drive to create videos, it is extremely easy to monetize them. Getting the video to go viral or growing an audience with interest in your content is another matter. That other matter, matters.  You have to be passionate about what you do. You have to diligently do your research and give real value to your potential views.

Some of these video personalities might seem flighty, or silly or whatever but you can bet they know what they are doing. Whether it’s entertaining or informing it’s bringing value.

You know when you see a catching headline and then go watch the video or read the information and it has little to do with the headline?  That is called click bait and people hate it! Sure it draws in people, but their time feels wasted.  Emotionally, click baiters destroy their relationship with the audience. They cause distrust and most likely people will not return to the channel / platform. The end goal should be to improve the life of your audience.  Build trust and remain value to audience driven.  What you put in, you get back.

Give’em what you want to get.





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