Present Presence in your Presentation



When giving a demonstration, lecture, or speech if it isn’t lively, it’s dead. Prezi is a free, easy to use app for creating a presentation with motion, zoom, and spatial relationships to bring your ideas to life.  We made a quick Today’s Technology example using the app.


Currently, I’m working with a client who really needs my help. They have created an online presence for their business using today’s technology (different social media accounts and applications). The client is not getting the results they have hoped for. Rather than discuss that client, let me help you help yourself.  I will explain the process to you and you can apply it to your venture.

First take a good look at your professional online presence and your activity metrics. Review your different social media accounts. Write a descriptive dissection of what you see. Some questions you might ask are: Who is your current audience and how big is it? How engaged is your audience? What is the depth of your content? How often are you communicating with your audience?

Brainstorm, google search, and brainstorm some more for ideas that can address the issues you have uncovered.

Now write a strategy to effectively increase your reach. Some things you might address are: What can you do to improve your content? How can you increase your audience size? What changes should be made?

I have finished writing my client’s media analysis and strategy. Now I am creating a presentation for it.  You most likely do not need to put together a presentation for your own “analysis and strategy”, but you could create one to present who you are and what you are about to your audience or even possibly to show potential investors your new focused mission and strategy.  Whatever you do, be enthusiastic about it!

Have a great day! 🙂Enthus

More Info & Resources:

Prezi Tutorial: Simple steps to a great prezi

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