Arousing Interest




You know how when you go on YouTube and you see an interesting thumbnail for some artist you love and then you click and listen and think WTF IS THIS?  This isn’t even the artist!  It’s click bait.  It has been around for a long long time. Remember back when people read magazines and people would be in line reading those fake news, trash magazines? Basically it”s the same thing.  People use click bait to gain an audience and make money.  A single monetized video could generate serious dough! (See our blog post ‘The Modern American Dream‘). At the end of the day, it’s all about the dollars.

Currently there are rumors flying through Twitter stating that Twitter is shutting down in 2017. The nonsense is streaming under the hashtag #savetwitter.  Some blog made up fake news to click bait people into this frenzy and gain attention. Many reputable businesses and professionals are joining in the fray. The businesses and professionals might be posting to debunk the rumor, but the real goal is exposure.  They are hoping to get likes, shares and gain audience from the viral hashtag.  Determining what is fake takes a view, a view causes others to view and the snowball rolls. Many feel there is no stopping the wave, so they might as well ride it and strive to get something out of it.  Meanwhile, Facebook is working to stop click baiting.  As Facebook finds ways, Google/Youtube and other platforms will follow suit. Be careful about how you lead your audience, trust lost is seldomly regained.




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