1 for the plug, 1 for the load.. you’ve got 2 phones?


You know how when you have to give a phone number to someone that you really don’t want to have your number? Or how when you want to have a second phone number to separate your business from your personal calls? Google Voice has been a round a long time. It’s free and valuable. The app gives you a second phone number that can forward all calls to your line, screen calls, transcribes your voicemail messages, and a lot more.

On my pc, I have used google voice for many years. Mainly I use it for sending out texts to my contacts. It does not let you broadcast to your entire contact list, but you can msg multiple numbers at once. It comes in very handy for keeping in touch. The voicemails people leave are recorded and transcribed. So, can simply read what was said or click and listen.

When I’m signing up for something online or filling out a form or for whatever reason I am uncomfortable and don’t want to give my direct phone number, I simply give the Google Voice phone number.  When someone calls the Google phone it forwards to my main line and announces who the caller is. No surprises and really easy to use.

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Have an amazing day. 🙂




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